“Leadership is an achievement of trust.”

— Peter F. Drucker Commitment and trust are essential to the success of organisations in the broader sense. We define trust as the choice that every person exercises when he believes in someone or something. The Trust provides you with free advertising and marketing for you and your organisation (Cullen et al ,.2000). Development means… Continue reading “Leadership is an achievement of trust.”

Leadership is an action, not a position

As dealing with change becomes a regular activity, leading it becomes a skill to hone, an internal capacity to master.” – Arnaud Henneville The impact of change can be felt throughout organisations. Change can be viewed as positive or negative, joyful or frustrating, essential or unnecessary, easy or difficult. The role of leaders in bringing about… Continue reading Leadership is an action, not a position

Reflecting on leadership style

Educational leadership is the basis of any educational process, as it defines parameters, directs and organises efforts in order to improve and achieve educational goals. In fact, correct leadership behaviour is key to the success of an educational institution or any institution for that matter. An effective leader is one who inspires their employees to… Continue reading Reflecting on leadership style

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my personal blog. Here you’ll find my personal reflection in the module EDU8230.